February 06, 2017

Paint with Me in Washington!


I'm really excited to be teaching oil painting fundamentals this coming July 13-16, 2017 in a small farm community called Enumclaw, located outside of Seattle, Washington. It is part of the NW Country Art Retreats program run by Lisa Kumcur. It will be a retreat experience that includes ground transportation, lodging, reception, and just a whole lot of painting goodness. A perfect getaway for you to attend by yourself or with a friend in order to dig deep and unleash the wonders of oil painting in a safe, fun, beautiful environment.

Here's the enrollment link that describes the weekend experience. If you'd like to connect with hostess Lisa to have any questions answered, her email is lisakumcur@yahoo.com.

Let's paint!


February 05, 2017

477 Shakespeare on His Lips

Single477 Shakespeare on His Lips
6x6 inches :: original oil painting on gessobord
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I referenced a photo by @dromelot for this work ... and inspired by this passage from George Orwell's 1984:

"What overwhelmed him in that instant was admiration for the gesture with which she had thrown her clothes aside. With its grace and carelessness it seemed to annihilate a whole culture, a whole system of thought, as though Big Brother and the Party and the Thought Police could all be swept into nothingness by a single splendid movement of the arm. That too was a gesture belonging to the ancient time. Winston woke up with the word 'Shakespeare' on his lips."

February 03, 2017

476 Special Delivery

Flower476 Special Delivery
18x24 inches :: original acrylic painting on stretched canvas
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This is the demo painting I made while teaching a private painting session yesterday.

February 01, 2017

475 Speaking Words of Wisdom

Speaking Words of Wisdom475 Speaking Words of Wisdom
18x24 inches :: original acrylic painting on stretched canvas
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This is my demo painting I made while teaching a private painting session today. Had so much fun integrating two references (one of the female figure and the other of the owl) into one composition, and then adding exaggerations and magical quirkiness to bring it all together.


January 31, 2017

474 Lady Liberty


474 Lady Liberty
6x6 inches :: original oil painting on gessobord
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I am inspired by the breathtaking courage of Sally Yates, the immediate past acting head of the US Department of Justice who on January 30, 2017 refused to defend the travel ban issued by the fascist president. In this bold move, she stood up to a fascist regime and stood with the people of America and the US Constitution. This patriot was fired for this act by the fascist president. Sally Yates will be remembered for her courage and patriotism and will remain one of my modern day heroes.

On this, my 50th birthday, I dedicate this work and these four little poetic lines that just came out of me, as I get ready to eat cake and raise a glass:

ODE to SALLY YATES (Jenny Doh)
Let's eat cake
Before we spill whiskey
All over your poem
And my speech about heroes

January 30, 2017

473 Breeze Arriving

Line dry473 Breeze Arriving
6x6 inches :: original oil painting on gessobord
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I referenced a video by @johnstanmeyer from somewhere in Armenia as featured in @natgeo for this work. And this poem David Whyte arrived like a breeze from nowhere, to arrest me. Completely.

THE LIGHTEST TOUCH (#davidwhyte)
Good poetry begins with
the lightest touch,
a breeze arriving from nowhere,
a whispered healing arrival,
a word in your car,
a settling into things,
then like a hand in the dark
it arrests the whole body,
steeling you for revelation.

In the silence that follows
a great line
you can feel Laszrus
deep inside
even the laziest, most deathly afraid
part of you,
lift up his hands and walk toward the light.

January 29, 2017

472 Edelweiss

Eidelweiss472 Edelweiss
6x8 inches :: original oil painting on gessobord
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(Oscar Hammerstein, Richard Rodgers)

Edelweiss, Edelweiss
Every morning you greet me
Small and white, clean and bright
You look happy to meet me
Blossom of snow may you bloom and grow
Bloom and grow forever
Edelweiss, Edelweiss
Bless my homeland forever

January 27, 2017

#resistancelog (Big Mac + Marlboro edition) :: JAN 27, 2017


A criticism I saw online before the #womensmarch commenced was that the march rejected an affiliation request from an anti-choice group, causing some in the anti-choice group to argue that the march was exclusionary. And rightly so. The spirit of the march was about women's rights ... a rejection of sexual assault, and a standing up for women's reproductive health.

Does this mean anti-choice humans were banned from marching? No. It meant that the march did not accept their official affiliation. Think of it this way. If I were attending a conference that promoted clean eating, I would expect that the organizers not accept affiliations from say ... fast food chains, or cigarette companies. Does that mean a person with a Big Mac or Marlboros can't attend the conference? On the contrary.

Not all women believe the same thing. I get it. Today, with Pence addressing the anti-choice march ... I was waiting to hear him start speaking in tongues as he was advocating an overturning of Roe-v-Wade, with men AND women cheering him on.

I've never had an abortion but have had had moments in my life when my period was late, causing my heart to drop, sweat to trickle, as I screamed a deep "shit!" In those dark moments, I remember going through all the scenarios, and feeling comforted knowing that in this country, I am able to think through everything and come to my decision about my body in a legal and safe manner. The fact that I didn't have to go down that road doesn't diminish the value of that road. It's a road that prevents women from taking matters into their own hands, or the hands and wire hangers that exist not just in the recesses of our minds but in real back alleys not so far from Main Street.

I'm alarmed at how this is happening in 2017. It's maybe two, three steps away from the dystopian world that #MargaretAtwood wrote in Handmaid's Tale. A book worth reading, along with George Orwell's 1984, which is experiencing a surge of sales right now. Read em while you still can. Before they're banned, burned, and destroyed by this fascist regime that hates reading and dissent, but not as much as they hate bad ratings.

It hurts to be awake.

471FM Consent

Pussycat471FM Consent
5 inches tall
Original freemotion stitched and watercolored art doll

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January 26, 2017

470 Darkness and the Sweet

Four eyes470 Darkness and the Sweet
6x8 inches :: original oil painting on gessobord
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I referenced a photo that @narcissusholmes took of me during our Empowering Portrait session for this work. A favorite excerpt of mine, from David Whyte's poem titled Sweet Darkness:

You must learn one thing.
The world was made to be free in

Give up all the other worlds
except the one to which you belong.

Sometimes it takes darkness and the sweet
confinement of your aloneness
to learn

anything or anyone
that does not bring you alive

is too small for you.

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